Featured Employee: Batter Up! These 3 Companies Just Brought in Big Team Hires

JP Lind is our Chief Revenue Officer at Peaksware and talks about his recent experience joining the team.

To create an all-star baseball team, one must carefully plan the lineup. 

Some lineup strategies are common knowledge, like putting the best hitter third in the batting order or sending the most agile player to the shortstop position. 

Even when all of the tried-and-true strategies are in use, though, it’s sometimes just the special combination of talent and personalities on the same field at the same time that makes the difference between the 2023 Rockies and the 2023 Rangers. 

Wowza Media Systems, Peaksware and Gusto are three Colorado-based companies that have added some new players to the team — players who will hopefully be just the talent needed to bring in win after win.  

Why were you hired at Peaksware? 

I was brought on as the chief revenue officer and executive in residence across the Peaksware portfolio of leading endurance sports and music brands. I’ve spent the last 25 years working for high-growth global technology and data companies. 

I was hired for a very clear purpose: to accelerate predictable growth across the Peaksware brands.

What’s the first order of business on deck? 

My first order of business is to create a revenue map across the portfolio companies and prioritize strategic and tactical bets based on level of effort and positive impact to the business. 

My leadership style is collaborative with the expectation that if you have the best people in the right roles, you can align the right processes with potential to achieve scalable growth.

Original article written by Taylor Rose, click here for the entire article.