Introducing MakeMusic Cloud

For many years, our music-passionate team has worked hard to support music making of all kinds. Beginning in 1995 with our accompaniment software Vivace, we have continuously worked to improve our solutions for musicians. In 2005, we evolved to a practice software, SmartMusic, and began transforming to a web-based platform in 2015. We pursue excellence in our craft just like you, because we are musicians too! 

We are excited to announce that SmartMusic has a new name:
MakeMusic Cloud

Why a change?

The change from SmartMusic to MakeMusic Cloud aligns our product name and our company name—a natural progression. As we look to our future plans that include improvement and expansion of our suite of tools, we feel confident that our new name, MakeMusic Cloud, will accurately describe our continuous work to support music making.

Meet Spotlight

makemusic logo

Did you notice that our logo has three spotlights? You might see the two “M’s,” reminiscent of our MakeMusic name, or even the mountains symbolic of the terrain where our office is located. Those spotlights, though, are for you. We hope to empower you in your journey to pursue musical excellence, connect with other musicians, and “step into the spotlight.” 

What to expect

When you log into MakeMusic Cloud (formerly SmartMusic), you’ll notice the name update. We’ll also be updating our branding and logo on various resources in the coming weeks, and future communications and social media posts will come from MakeMusic Cloud rather than SmartMusic. 

Our updated website,, will be the new home for the valuable content and resources that were previously found on the SmartMusic website. We’ll have our new branding proudly on display at events and conferences this season, so make sure to look for MakeMusic and MakeMusic Cloud on the exhibit floor. 

You’ll also notice that our powerful tools will remain available and continue to improve over time! 

What is changing? 

At this time, the only change you will see is our new name and logo!

You’ll also see that Classroom has replaced what used to be SmartMusic in the navigation menu. All of the tools that you rely on are still available and ready for you to use.

You can still rely on our powerful tools

Practice with our powerful and innovative Practice tool which includes real-time feedback, assessment, and access to our expansive Music Catalog. Whether you are preparing for a concert or playing a favorite solo, students and performers can play along with their part or with our outstanding professionally-recorded accompaniment.
Practice is included with all subscriptions.

Create your next masterpiece or share a special exercise with your students by using our Compose tool. With this built-in music notation tool, you can seamlessly import, create, assign, and share your own notation with anyone! This tool is also available for students to explore and create.
Compose is included with all subscriptions. 

With Sight Reading Builder you have the ability to generate an infinite number of sight-reading exercises that are customized to your specifications. This tool is valuable for practice, assignments, and even ensemble learning during class time. Easily customize the parameters based on key signatures, articulations, rhythmic patterns, time signatures, and more!
Sight Reading Builder is available with teacher subscriptions. 

Our unparalleled Music Catalog is full of rich content for every instrument, ensemble type, skill level, and genre. Thousands of our titles appear on state lists and are of festival quality. Plus, we are adding new titles daily! With Bulk pricing and the Print add-on, you can gain access to over 15,000 printable titles.
The Music Catalog is included with a free teacher or student account (limited content access). Full catalog access is available with paid teacher and performer subscriptions.

Your access to features will remain the same! 

Whether you have been with us since the days of Vivace or are new to the MakeMusic family, know that we continuously commit to support you in your musical journey, wherever that may be.

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