Introducing Smart Lockers for Streamlined Access and Secure Storage

As the hybrid workplace model gains traction, workplace lockers have become an essential necessity rather than a mere luxury. With office spaces evolving to foster collaboration and reduce individualized workstations, the demand for storage solutions has surged. Stepping in as the ultimate answer, smart workplace lockers have taken center stage, replacing traditional alternatives and revolutionizing the storage landscape.

With that goal in mind, Peaksware partnered with Patterson Pope, to design a smart locker solution that would meet our hybrid workforce’s needs.

We have employees biking to work, utilizing our gym space, bringing in music equipment, and needing extra space at their desks. So these lockers provide quick and easy access for their personal gear. By using the same Fob they use to enter the building, makes things streamlined for our beautiful office space.

Check out the full case study in this video!