Featured Employee: The Evolutionary, Nuanced Nature of Being a Sales Pro in Tech

Janessa Robbins is our Business Development Representative at TrainHeroic and talks about how to navigate the ever changing world of sales in the tech industry.

When Janessa Robbins shows up to work each day, she feels as though she’s heading into a hard-fought, albeit thrilling, game of chess. 

“There’s research, observation, problem-solving and constant learning,” explained the business development representative. 

These characteristics of a typical workday are the reasons why Robbins entered the sales field in the first place. At Peaksware, she gets to accomplish these feats and more while doing what she enjoys the most: supporting others. 

“I’m a social person who loves helping people reach their goals or succeed in their business,” Robbins said. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

My role is to find prospective customers who can potentially achieve success by using our products. We’ve been doing this long enough to understand what defines an “ideal customer.” Based on that criteria, my day-to-day work consists of me using social media and email to find prospects. 

Once I find the right prospect, there’s a fair amount of research that goes into confirming that we’re a fit, and most importantly, I make sure that I understand exactly how we can help them before I reach out to them. A certain percentage of the prospects I reach out to are interested in learning more, and when that happens, my job is done — well, mostly. I set up a meeting between that prospect and our account executive team so they can chat with the prospect, learn more, confirm they’re a fit and put a plan together to move forward. 

What’s your favorite part of your job, and what do you consider the most challenging aspect? 

I started in sales because I enjoy building lasting relationships, and I thrive in a fast-paced environment where each day presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. As I’ve grown in my role, I’ve learned more about the nuances of why I enjoy the day-to-day life of working on Peaksware’s sales team. I find joy in identifying the right prospects, understanding their needs and creating effective communication strategies that resonate with them. It’s great to see my hard work pay off in objective terms by meeting and exceeding quotas and seeing our coaches onboard and succeed. 

The most challenging aspect of my job is getting people to respond to outbound sales messages. It’s tough to craft a message that will resonate with someone so deeply that they respond. I’m a competitive person who loves to research and understand people’s needs and how I can best meet them. When I run into challenges, I ask myself, “How can I better articulate what we have to offer them?”

What opportunities for advancement are there in your position at Peaksware?

There are quite a few different paths to take in my career at Peaksware. Mastering sales requires the development of both soft and hard skills that can transfer to different roles or career paths. The company helps me focus on my professional goals and aspirations and works toward generating a plan to ensure that I have the opportunity to make progress in my career. That’s just one reason, albeit a big one, that got me excited about joining Peaksware. 

I’ve only been here for six months, yet I’ve already had numerous conversations about my career development. At the same time, the team consistently makes time to work with me, coach me and help me refine my skills as I grow in the role. I’m excited about my future at Peaksware and the salesperson I’m becoming in the process.

Original article written by Olivia McClure, click here for the entire article.